20170414 Three campaigns for Easter.

I seem to be neglecting my website and, therefore, you. For that I'm sorry.

It's Friday, it's good and we should all think good thoughts and do good deeds.

So let's get started.

I've done with my sojourn through Europe and after getting back to London, sold the Mercedes. Now, and here you are going to giggle, I really am travelling the world, carrying a backpack, hopping onto low-cost carrier flights to anywhere I can get without a visa (a diminishing range of countries, sadly but, perhaps when I have a British, not EU passport, that will change for the better).

20150402 Puzzled...not hacked : my website lays an egg for Easter.


Sorry about this. Something's gone horribly tits up with the website. It looks terrible. The layout has somehow gone mad. The tech people are baffled. I think it would be faster to toss this version away and start again, the trouble with that is we all liked it when it was first installed and working.

So please bear with us while we address whatever has gone wrong in the bowels of this usually simple system.

What's puzzling everyone is that the problem is affecting both the desktop and the mobile versions - but in different ways.

20120407 Happy Easter

Happy Easter for tomorrow, everyone.

I know that for many people, Easter is all about bonnets, bunnies and chocolate eggs. The importance of the day for Christians has been diminished by the idea of parades and egg hunts in the gardens. But it's much more than that, regardless of one's race, religion or creed.