The fallacy of the Left: it's feudalism by any other name

The drive of the Left in the UK towards allowing minors (i.e. those under the legal age of majority) to vote is simple. It's a development of the Lutherian concept which stated "give me the child before seven and I will give you the man." The idea is simple: like those on the left who think that the age of sexual consent for homosexuality should be reduced to 12 years, the plan is to capture voters before they enter the real world and discover the fallacy of the left.

The fallacy of the Left, no matter how it brands itself, is that, for all its talk of freedom and promises of a better world, a left-wing government is, at its heart, a feudal government, a system of oppression delivered to the idealistic and narrowly (or less) educated.

20150622 A few thousand demonstrators hit the news; many millions of workers don't.


Yesterday was Sunday and, like millions of people, I spent the day at my desk, generating wealth for myself, my family and, because I pay taxes, society. No one asked me, or the millions like me for my story.

And yet this morning, the newspapers and broadcast media are focussing on the few thousands - if we are generous, the few tens of thousands - who demonstrated against "austerity" in various parts of the world.

The world needs a political reality check. Let's do a hashtag: #politicsrealitycheck.


20141217 As a UK election approaches, let's head off some political lies..

Ignorance remains the main weapon of Thatcher's critics.

The bandwagon of distaste for Margaret Thatcher to which the left - in all its forms - has hitched itself is characterised by rumour and untruth. Even those writing in respected newspapers would rather perpetuate falsehoods that have passed into public acceptance by repetition than to set the record straight - or at least decline to print it. Add in the comments which are being added to articles all over the web and social media is rapidly being demonstrated as the tool of the manipulative and the revisionary.