20161026 Northern Ireland Court says Christians must promote homosexual "marriage."

I was furious with the lunacy of the decision, in 2014, of a court in Northern Ireland to find that the McArthur family, owners of a bakery, were guilty of discrimination for standing up for their Christian beliefs. The facts were simple: a man, who it is not difficult to see as having deliberately targeted the bakery precisely because it is run by Christians, tried to place an order for a cake, decorated with the message "Support Gay Marriage." Now the Court of Appeal has made the same outrageous decision.

20150107 Horror and terror on the streets of Paris.

I lived and worked in London through several of the years where terrorism was a fact of life. We became blasé about risk and more resentful of measures to reduce that risk. We complained about the "Ring of Steel" put around the City to try to prevent car bombs, we bemoaned the lack of waste bins across the city.

But we did not, often, get attacks with guns.

20131108 - time to add time limits to asylum?

Here's controversial idea for dealing with the growing issue of asylum seekers - and it comes from the changing nature of the threats.

There are several aspects to the question of asylum seekers that few dare mention. So here goes.


20130927 I used to be happy and gay but now I have to be just happy

Turin. Friday.

I love Turin. It's got just the right degree of post-industrial decay, the fantastic city plans and architecture (look up photos of Via Garibaldi to see what I mean - or watch a re-run of the original version of The Italian Job in which showed of the city's buildings to great effect if you look at them not at the cars!) are wonderful. It's gritty, like a northern English town: in fact it's got the feel that the shipbuilding towns of England's north-east had before they didn't build ships any more.