20161128 How can we blame Society when the society we have is the one we've allowed to develop?

I started out, this morning, to write a funny piece. I noticed that most of my Commentaries lately have been political, in one way or another, or serious. That's not a reflection of the vast majority of my thinking or of my life. I laugh a lot and I have a lot of fun and people around me laugh at my antics and at the things I say.

But as I worked on the article, it did a sudden change of direction. Actually, it took a change of direction after about .. well, no, even that's not true: it changed direction while I was thinking how to start it, before I'd even sat at the table that, in my nomadic life, is today's desk. And then it changed direction again after the second paragraph, as it became obvious that, to get to the funny piece, I had to write background, then background to background...

And, before anyone reads the first sentence of this, the background to the background, here's some background to the background to the background: don't think that this article is anti-EU. It isn't; not in the slightest. I'm just using a specific European Council document to illustrate a global problem.

20150605 The English - when did we become such cowards?

Time was when we, Britain, were the single most powerful nation on earth, supported by a powerful navy, an army that rarely saw defeat and an expansionist attitude that saw us take charge of the most effective global economic development the world has ever seen.

20121231 Lucky man

Happy New Year 2013.

Happy New Year from the English countryside

I'm posting this New Year's message a bit early in the day GMT because some readers on the far side of the world will already be getting ready to partayyyyyy.

Have a good one, as the Aussies, who are almost but not quite the first to start a (Gregorian) New Year, say.