20181003 Really, you want me to write?

"Blah, blah, blah, supposed to be a writer blah, blah fucking write blah, blah, blah, repay advance blah blah blah... brrrrr."

I knew I should not have picked up the phone. As soon as I saw the number I knew it was a mistake. Of course, he's not wrong. I've not submitted anything for three years, or more and he has paid me for something I've not submitted.

Note that I didn't say I hadn't written. I've written. A lot. And it's all been shite. Truly, unadulterated, unwiped, unwashed shite.

20150605 The English - when did we become such cowards?

Time was when we, Britain, were the single most powerful nation on earth, supported by a powerful navy, an army that rarely saw defeat and an expansionist attitude that saw us take charge of the most effective global economic development the world has ever seen.

20131127 Today's Papers - what is wrong with the world?

I read a rubbish article in a recent Daily Telegraph about so-called "hidden" features of Google. I'm not great techie (Hell, I'm so bad someone has to check this stuff before I'm allowed to press the button to make my pages visible) and I know about almost all of those quoted.

One, however, is worthy of special mention; in the Google search box type "do a barrel roll" (without the quotation marks) and hit the search button. It's so funny I just had to do it again. And again. And... damn, that's another three minutes I'll never get back.

There's some good news....