20170104 I am everywhere and nowhere, everywhen and nowhen. I am physical and virtual.

I seem to be losing track of time.

No, delete that. I have lost track of time.

Once, I think it was recently but I'm not sure, I could tell the time without a watch. My friends thought it fun to ask me the time and for me to be, usually, within a minute or two of correct.

Yesterday, I had to ask someone what day it was. Not date... day.

Today, I noticed it is January. That means that, somewhere, in the recent past, there has been a Christmas and a New Year and I haven't registered either.

20150209 When someone dies...

A very close friend recently had a bereavement: his mother died.

She was a wonderful woman: I know everyone always says this because of the convention that we not only don't speak ill of the dead but should actively say good things. We airbrush out the bad things in life and, sometimes, we paint in imaginary good bits. But in her case, it's absolutely true.