20171013 The termination of "The White Widow" and the Rule of Law

For much of my early adult life, I lived under the threat of being the victim of a terrorist attack by the Irish Republican Army in London. I, perhaps incredibly, was not directly affected by it other than being inconvenienced while a close friend was saved from being next to bombs when they went off by a series of bizarre coincidences.

20141021 Engaging today's youth for Remembrance Day

We used to get paper poppies sold in the street in the entrances to churches in the week before 11 November. What was once Armistice Day became Remembrance Day, so as to use the day previously dedicated to the fallen of the First World War for all those British military lost in combat. And over time, the promotion of the Poppy Day campaign run by the Royal British Legion has expanded. Now it starts in mid October. That's a good thing: there is lots to do.