20141217 As a UK election approaches, let's head off some political lies..

Ignorance remains the main weapon of Thatcher's critics.

The bandwagon of distaste for Margaret Thatcher to which the left - in all its forms - has hitched itself is characterised by rumour and untruth. Even those writing in respected newspapers would rather perpetuate falsehoods that have passed into public acceptance by repetition than to set the record straight - or at least decline to print it. Add in the comments which are being added to articles all over the web and social media is rapidly being demonstrated as the tool of the manipulative and the revisionary.


20141211 - a bag of snakes under the desk.

I've just been chatting to a friend. There was the threat of a thunderstorm and so instead of going out, he decided to ...

I'll let him tell the story.

20141207 Where did the year go?

In 1991, country singer Kenny Chesney sang "Where did all the years go?"

I'm looking back at 2014 and I've no idea where it went. Huge chunks of it are blank in my diary and in my memory and for sure as unproductive years go, this is probably worthy of a world record.

Sam Smith - Money on my Mind

I love this song, and the clever video.

I know someone who feels exactly like this .....


Video - London Grammar - Nightcall

I'm embarrassed to admit that I'd never heard of London Grammar until Sony put this on an advert for a smartphone.

So now I'm heading off to a CD shop (we have to support them, even if it's easier to buy on-line) to buy their album "If you wait."

20141026 Time for a change.

Jefferson Galt. Signature edition.

I'm holding my breath. I decided that I wanted a new look to my website, beyond the pragmatic changes forced on the designers by re-focussing the design on mobile devices which, it turns out, is where most people visit from.

I might have gone a step too far .. the designers have rebelled.

What do you think of my suggested new masthead?