20141221 "Thoughts of Jefferson Galt" is Number 17 in Amazon.Com's Love and Romance section.. still available free

Some amazing news from Amazon.Com. The Thoughts of Jefferson Galt was published three days ago and it's number 17 in the Love and Romance section under "Relationships." This isn't the same as the fiction section.

Even more amazing is that the book is number 7 in the "Short Reads: Parenting and Relationships" section.

I'm slightly confused by how the book is listed in the UK: But aside from that, the stats are excellent.

20141219 Christmas 2014 offers: my new ebook free and discounts on earlier titles

Getting my books has never been easier - but deciding which of the various schemes available has never been more complicated.

So here's a quick guide on how to get my brand new book, The Thoughts of Jefferson Galt, free from 20 December to 24 December inclusive (US West Coast time).

And "The Kiss" is free for the same period, too.

NOTE: because of changes in tax law and due to Amazon.com's royalty structure, the price of all of my ebooks will INCREASE as from 1 January 2014. So now really is the best time to buy.

The Thoughts of Jefferson Galt:

20141217 Hold your breath ... big news in the next couple of days. The ultimate Christmas Stocking Filler for mobile device fanatics.

Make sure you keep on top of this: in the last few days before Christmas, my new ebook "The Thoughts of Jefferson Galt" will be published on the Kindle platform.

It's a book of graphics containing the most important words we will ever need to say, mostly in a single sentence.

When it's launched, depending on the available schemes, it will either be free or only a few cents / pence / etc.

So watch my website, social media or even sign up for notifications.

20141217 As a UK election approaches, let's head off some political lies..

Ignorance remains the main weapon of Thatcher's critics.

The bandwagon of distaste for Margaret Thatcher to which the left - in all its forms - has hitched itself is characterised by rumour and untruth. Even those writing in respected newspapers would rather perpetuate falsehoods that have passed into public acceptance by repetition than to set the record straight - or at least decline to print it. Add in the comments which are being added to articles all over the web and social media is rapidly being demonstrated as the tool of the manipulative and the revisionary.


20141211 - a bag of snakes under the desk.

I've just been chatting to a friend. There was the threat of a thunderstorm and so instead of going out, he decided to ...

I'll let him tell the story.