20150131 Never going to see this at The Louvre

Here's art of the most surprising sort.

This chap pours molten aluminium into ants nests and comes up with surprising - and beautiful - results.


20150130 : Free live at the Isle of Wight - Mr Big

This is amazingly high quality footage given the circumstances - and the sound is good, too. 1970.

Koss doing his stuff - it's enough to bring a tear to the eye. Check it out from 2:45 - A Gibson Les Paul and Marshall Amp Stack. Where would we be without them?


20150128 Colbie Caillat - Try

I'd been trying to find this for months.. every time I heard it on the radio or on someone's playlist, I never understood the artist's name, although I thought I did.

I love this song.. for all the women who suspect that it's only their looks or their sexual activity that makes someone want them, this song, and the video that goes with it, should be a memo and an anthem.

They should sing it every day.

Don't be afraid that a man will dump you when your looks fade: if he's that kind of guy, don't accept him in the first place.

20150107 Horror and terror on the streets of Paris.

I lived and worked in London through several of the years where terrorism was a fact of life. We became blasé about risk and more resentful of measures to reduce that risk. We complained about the "Ring of Steel" put around the City to try to prevent car bombs, we bemoaned the lack of waste bins across the city.

But we did not, often, get attacks with guns.

20150105 How not to save a relationship

Don't panic! This column isn't about my own relationship. It's about all those people who think that a sinking relationship can be improved by upping the stakes.

You might think it's strange that I would use gambling terms to describe how people behave in relationships but read on and you will see that relationships are a game, some played out to the end, some ending when someone decided they have lost enough.