Toby Keith - How do you like me now

Country music amuses me... I enjoy the storytelling aspect as if it's never left the campfire setting it (supposedly) grew up in.

This is a simple story, an allegory for our time and all time. : weedy musician fancies the leader of the cheerleeding squad. She dismisses him cruelly, goes on to marry someone rich who, having won his trophy wife, treats her badly. The singer, on the other hand, turns into a hugely successful star. Twenty years on, he returns, points out how her life has turned out, and sings "How do you like me now?"

20150806 Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

The world is a funny place. While we increasingly get our news in soundbites, headlines, ticker banners on screens, there is a deep web of stuff that happens, gets reported but is buried under the scramble not to be left out of reporting the current top three headlines, even if reporting is just repeating what someone else has reported.

So I've been on a bit of a sojourn into past times, and I've found some things that were drowned out by the strident fuss at the time.


20150711 Dropping the Confederate flag is wrong.

France. From where several of the Southern States were formed.


  Here's something important - if the USA wants to remove the Confederate Flag, then it has to remove the Stars and Stripes, too. Why? Because true history, not the contorted version that is currently being pushed to an ignorant population, says so.

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20150622 A few thousand demonstrators hit the news; many millions of workers don't.


Yesterday was Sunday and, like millions of people, I spent the day at my desk, generating wealth for myself, my family and, because I pay taxes, society. No one asked me, or the millions like me for my story.

And yet this morning, the newspapers and broadcast media are focussing on the few thousands - if we are generous, the few tens of thousands - who demonstrated against "austerity" in various parts of the world.

The world needs a political reality check. Let's do a hashtag: #politicsrealitycheck.