20120102 Back to work!


A hot and humid (and very, very wet) Christmas in the Tropics has recharged the batteries and it's back home to work with a busy 2012 schedule.

First, there's the production of "The Kiss," "The Letters That We Wrote" and "The Things That I Can't Say" for Kindle with some very exciting news due for St Valentine's Day. Lovers, be prepared!

Merry Christmas 2011

Jefferson Galt Christmas Holly

Merry Christmas, everybody.

We're preparing a non-traditional Christmas day out in the tropics and we're going to spend the day doing a movie marathon.

Going to see Robert Downey Jnr's new Sherlock Holmes film and a couple of other things and, for Christmas Lunch, we're going to have hot dogs, popcorn and whatever diet cola they sell in the cinema.

At least, that's the plan. But who knows? we might just laze around in the hotel and get them to bring us lunch in bed, instead!

20111215 A few new thoughts from a frozen garden


Time for a bit of an update.

It's freezing here. Really. There's ice on the pond in the garden. I broke it last night so that the fish could breathe (is that necessary? I don't know. Seemed like a good idea at the time) but now it's frozen over again.

We're well advanced with the preparation of "The Kiss", "The Letters That We Wrote" and "The Things That I Can't Say" for a release on Kindle in time for Valentines' Day. We are aiming at some pretty aggressive pricing for the launch so keep an eye on this site.

Pete, Fay, Love (pb)

There were 6,000 million people in the world, hundreds of countries, with thousand of cities and millions of bars yet, somehow, Pete and Fay, both far away from home, ended up in the same one at the same time on the same evening. They met, became friends, fell in love and then life got in the way.

For half-a-century, they wrote letters to each other, telling of their joys, their heartaches, their fears and their love.

But they never posted them.

Here are their letters, filling in the gaps in the stories they told in The Kiss