Cat Stevens : How Can I Tell You

Just as the dinosaurs were dying out, I was on a family holiday with my parents in a cottage we rented in Scotland. Today, my world is a bleak as a downpour on a Scottish hillside and one song links the two eras.

20151206 When I say I'm up to my ears, it's not an anagram

Good grief.

Silly news today, someone who went to hospital for a minor operation on his head yesterday woke this morning to find that the surgeon had sewn his ears to the graft site. The victim is old and has a generational problem with swearing. What he thought was bad is now so mild it doesn't even get bleeped by TV in highly sensitive states. So he didn't see the funny side of it when I suggested that one way of making himself feel better about it was to say, soto voce if he likes, "fuckwit."

20151124 Is the USA's GM Salmon decision biological warfare, or a subtle global exvasion?

One would think that the USA, whose inshore lakes and rivers are under increasing threat from invasive species would have learned that fish wander about and spread their fins.

Although salmon do have a tendency to spawn in the place of their birth, they roam the world's oceans - mostly in places that, so far, man has failed to identify.

This is the Life : Amy Macdonald

What I'm listening to.

I'm breathless trying to keep up!

"This is the Life" is the best "kick off the blankets and let your legs dance free" song I've heard for ages.

Macdonald is Scottish and there is no McBlandness about her: this track is fast music, not fast food, pure goodness not rubbish drenched in sugar and salt.

20150908 Europe's Migrant Crisis: volenti non fit unjuria.

In three days, it will be a year since Californians Lester Louis Huffmire and his wife, Petra, were convicted of neglecting their children. They would lock them in a caravan for several hours each day while the 41 year olds played World of Warcraft, a computer game. The Orange County District Attorney said there were "kitchen appliances covered in mould and cobwebs, stacks of rubbish, debris, mould, and faeces throughout the home, a pile of used condoms under a stuffed teddy bear and inoperable toilets," The children were discovered to have not been to school for several years, to be malnourished and with poor oral health. The woman was sentenced to three years and four months in jail and the husband to five years.

But at least their children were alive.