20160615 Sleeping your life away

My friend, Nigel, never moans about the shit in his life. He always sees the fun stuff, and as my readers will know, I have often leaned on his stories of how he has found laughter when things go wrong.

For the last two or three years, while he has continued to have "adventures," his life has been tainted by circumstances in which there was no humour.

20160524 Campaign for Real English

While we are fussing about Brexit, there is another, equally insidious attack on the fabric of society as we know it: the increasingly poor use of English in media and government, and the increasing adoption of derivative English into the core of English.

It's time to fight back. In conjunction with www.pleasebeinformed.com, the fight-back starts here.

Les Paul gets taken up to 11

Absolutely no explanation necessary.

He da man. And he da man as well.

and there's more...

Cat Stevens : How Can I Tell You

Just as the dinosaurs were dying out, I was on a family holiday with my parents in a cottage we rented in Scotland. Today, my world is a bleak as a downpour on a Scottish hillside and one song links the two eras.