The Things that I Can't Say

You know all the things you really want to say to the one you love but think you will sound stupid if you say them? That's Pete's problem and so he writes terrible poetry to Fay. In the book "Pete, Fay, Love," Pete and Fay tell others about the poetry and their reaction to it. Here, with some of Jefferson Galt's earlier songs, poems and short stories, are The Things That I Can't Say. It's the final part of the Pete, Fay, Love trilogy that began with The Kiss and continued in The Letters That We Wrote.

Look, I'm all about the prose. I am, at best, a terrible poet.

But that's kind of the point of The Things that I Can't Say.

We all struggle to say what we mean - we can't declare love and we can't say clearly why we love isn't working; we find it very difficult to say "I love you" when things aren't going well and we dare not say things for fear of making an already difficult situation worse.

That's what this volume is all about - with a few other things thrown in for good measure and those aren't actually entirely shit.

So, poetry for a heart that's bleeding all over the floor.

Are you sold yet?

Oh, c'mon - you'd buy it if it was set to music :)



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