20181225 Lost and Found - a long way from home

Cover : Lost and Found James Yang Cong.

Over in Taipei, where unseasonable weather has produced a Christmas Day where temperatures are positively tropical, a young Englishman is not sitting with his family having Christmas lunch.

He's sitting in a Starbucks chatting live to a radio audience in one of five voxpops he will do for that radio station this week.

20181025 I'm bored with fucking

I've re-read some of my somewhat sporadic commentaries and it's taught me something: I am following the path of destruction of language that has become the norm in TV programming, films and books.

I've thought back: in the 1970s, as the word "fucking" mutated from a rarely used verb to a more commonly held adjective, it was used by what might almost be regarded as subversives. It was the language of the social revolutionary, upsetting the world order with a swear word. It was often done to shock, quite deliberately to cause upset.

20181003 Really, you want me to write?

"Blah, blah, blah, supposed to be a writer blah, blah fucking write blah, blah, blah, repay advance blah blah blah... brrrrr."

I knew I should not have picked up the phone. As soon as I saw the number I knew it was a mistake. Of course, he's not wrong. I've not submitted anything for three years, or more and he has paid me for something I've not submitted.

Note that I didn't say I hadn't written. I've written. A lot. And it's all been shite. Truly, unadulterated, unwiped, unwashed shite.

20171013 The termination of "The White Widow" and the Rule of Law

For much of my early adult life, I lived under the threat of being the victim of a terrorist attack by the Irish Republican Army in London. I, perhaps incredibly, was not directly affected by it other than being inconvenienced while a close friend was saved from being next to bombs when they went off by a series of bizarre coincidences.

20170522 The fallacy of the Left: it's feudalism by any other name

The drive of the Left in the UK towards allowing minors (i.e. those under the legal age of majority) to vote is simple. It's a development of the Lutherian concept which stated "give me the child before seven and I will give you the man." The idea is simple: like those on the left who think that the age of sexual consent for homosexuality should be reduced to 12 years, the plan is to capture voters before they enter the real world and discover the fallacy of the left.

The fallacy of the Left, no matter how it brands itself, is that, for all its talk of freedom and promises of a better world, a left-wing government is, at its heart, a feudal government, a system of oppression delivered to the idealistic and narrowly (or less) educated.


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